Personalized advice that accompanies you

How we work?

We seek to provide our clients with agile and personalized assistance in the areas of our specialty.

Our work strategy focuses on the following aspects

Comprehensive legal advice
Possibility of forming a multidisciplinary team
Non-exclusive relationship with leading law firms in the world

Intellectual Property Consulting

  • Advice on all aspects related to trademarks, trade names, slogans, geographical indications, industrial designs, patents and other elements of industrial property.
  • It includes the selection, search, use, registration, protection, administration of portfolios, licenses and transfers of rights, franchises, defense and arbitration of these rights, as well as the preparation of “due diligence”.
  • In copyright and related rights we advise our clients in the protection of their creations, designs, software development and databases, as well as multimedia and audiovisual works.
  • It includes the registration of their works, negotiation and drafting of contracts for the assignment of rights and authorization of use, development contracts, source code, distribution and license.
  • Specific preventive advice in the areas of Repression of Unfair Competition, Commercial Advertising and Consumer Protection.

Protection of rights

Litigation and Protection of rights

Intellectual Property, Unfair Competition, Commercial Advertising, Consumer Protection and Protection of Personal Data

  • Sponsorship in contentious procedures that are followed before the Peruvian Trademark Office (INDECOPI), National Council of Self-Regulation Advertising (CONAR), Judiciary, and before the National Authority for the Protection of Personal Data.
  • We have experience in defending trademarks against domain name registration. We actively participate as arbitrators in disputes that are heard before the WIPO Mediation and Arbitration Center and before the Peruvian Cyber Tribunal.
  • Important experience in contentious procedures that are followed before the General Directorate of Protection of Personal Data of the Ministry of Justice, as well as in preventive advice on this matter.

Administration and management of distinctive signs portfolio

  • Administration and management of distinctive signs portfolio We administer and protect more than 5,000 distinctive signs registered locally and internationally belonging to different national and foreign clients.
  • For the administration and surveillance of the distinctive signs portfolio, we use state-of-the-art computer tools and software.
  • Thanks to the direct link with the Peruvian Trademark Office (INDECOPI) through our online search and registration accounts, we can obtain in a few minutes the results of phonetic searches and registrations of distinctive signs.